How to Boil Peanuts

A lot of persons enjoy boiling peanuts as a great snack. It is a delicious and excellent meal that can be enjoyed anywhere and is mostly popular in the southern parts of the United States. Peanuts provide a lot of nutriments, and this dish does not require a large amount of ingredients. Follow these instructions and you can have your peanuts boiled just the way you like them.

Tools required are

  • Spoon
  • Steel Pot

Materials required are

  • Raw Peanuts (about a pound)
  • Water
  • Salt


    1. Buy the peanuts that you wish to use for cooking, pick through them and carefully wash and clean them to remove loose soil, leaves or weeds.
    2. Fill the pot with the desired amount of peanuts along with water so that the water covers the peanuts and allow the peanut to absorb the water.
    3. Put the pot on a stove, wood fire or propane burner to boil. Then add salt relatively to your preference.
    4. Watch the water until it starts to boils and then turn it down to maintain the boil without the flame being too high. Keep the pot covered and use the spoon to stir the peanut every once in awhile for throughout the cooking process and add water if needed
    5. Allow it boil for about 2 – 4 hours and then take some of the peanuts out while you observe how well it is done. Allow them to cool and then see if they’re done how you like them and if they have the taste you’re looking for. If they’re to your delight then take them out and wait until they’re cool enough to be eaten.
    6. When you have shared out all the peanuts you want, if there are leftovers you can simply store them in a sealed Ziploc bag or any container that has little or no air inside and then put them in the freezer to keep cool.

    Tips and Warning

    • You can use other seasoning and spices for boiling your peanuts according to how you like it (this can be garlic or pepper).
    • When the peanut starts to sink to the bottom of the pot it is an indication that they cook.
    • Use caution when you are around the fire. The fire and the heat from the pot can be harmful if you are not wearing the proper gears.
    • Putting a lot of salt on your boiled peanut is not recommended. Excessive amount of salt is normally associated with high blood pressure and other illnesses.