Bait Tanks

Bait tanks are instruments used to keep baits alive for an extended period of time. People whose hobby or profession is fishing normally use these tanks. If you prefer to grow your own bait rather than buy them from a store, it is a good idea for you to use a bait tank.

One unique characteristic of bait tanks is their insulation. These tanks are made of materials that prevent the temperature inside from being altered by external temperature.

You can bring your bait tank with you in your boat. You can be assured that the heat of the boat’s floor would not affect the temperature of the water in the tank.

Apart from this, bait tanks are also complete with intricate systems to keep your bait alive. The filtration system carries out the process of maintaining clean water. The aeration system provides fresh air to the tank. Instructions on how to set up and maintain the said systems are provided in the manual that comes with the tank’s package.

The inner and outer walls of bait tanks are usually made of solid polyethylene. This makes the tanks sturdy and relatively light to transport. The lids of bait tanks are constructed such that water will not splash out in case the tank is shaken or moved.

Bait tanks also use quiet pumps that are useful especially if you are out in the water waiting for fish. These pumps require low amp and do not quickly drain your battery.