How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

Rivaled only by a long walk through a botanical garden or a forest, an outdoor brick fire pit can be considered as the closest one can ever get to nature. Imagine you and your love ones huddled around a warm place sharing stories, enjoying laughs and drinks. A brick fire pit can even take you back to the time where ranchers in the old west use to do all their grilling outdoors; at one with nature forgetting about that stainless steel kitchen.
Brick fire pits are very simple and easy to build once you possess the correct tools and materials.

Required Tools

  • trowel
  • hammer
  • shovel
  • level
  • stakes
  • string
  • chisel
    Required Materials
  • bricks (fire bricks and regular bricks)
  • sand
  • gravel
  • rocks
  • water
  • quick-set cement


  1. Find a suitable location for the construction of your brick fire pit (ensure that its located a reasonable distance for electrical lines, trees, ground vegetation, children play areas and your home)
  2. Use the shovel to dig a hole at the chosen site, the depth of which should at least be 12 inches. The hole may be of any diameter and shape you chose. Use the level to ensure that the bottom of the hole is flat and even.
  3. Add the rocks into the hole using the level to ensure that they evenly placed in the hole. You can also some gravel on top of the rocks for further smoothness.
  4. Make a mixture of sand and cement ensuring that the ratio is 3:1 respectively, and then add water.
  5. Apply this mixture using the trowel over the rocks and gravel while scraping off the excess. Use the level to ensure that it’s perfectly flat. This is the base of the pit and should not be above ground level.
  6. The next phase is to construct the pit wall. To do this, you mark where you want your bricks to run along. Upon completion, place the mixture along these lines and lay the bricks firmly into place using the string and the level to ensure that they are even. Ensure that the bricks are not place EXACTLY on top of the other as this will make the structure weak. Instead each brick should be halfway the other. Continue laying bricks until the pit has reached the desired height. Use the chisel to chip the bricks in instances where you don’t need an entire brick


  • The fire bricks should be placed on the inside of the pit wall while the regular bricks are placed on the outside.
  • Leave a few small spaces in the walls of the pit. This will allow air to flow through to aid the fire.
  • Do not construct the pit too high so as to be negatively affected by strong wind making it difficult to manage the fire


  • Use proper safety gear such as protective eye wear and hand gloves when constructing the pit.
  • Ensure that the construction of a fire pit is permitted by the local authority in your area.
  • Ensure that you put out the fire from the pit once you’ve finished with it.