How to Build Brick Walls

Brick walls are mainly composed of a strong wall foundation, which is then reinforced and decorated with bricks. Bricks are formed using dried clay and are laid out with mortar.

Bricks are laid end-to-end against a foundation wall. Mortar is used to lay the bricks and to fill the gaps in between the bricks. Layers of bricks are built on top of each other in a level way. A well-built wall has even surfaces and layers with no extruding bricks or mortar.


Materials and Tools Needed


  • bricks
  • cement
  • measuring tape
  • shovel
  • trowel
  • level


Steps in Building a Brick Wall


  1. Determine the size of the wall you’re going to build. This will help you determine the quantity of the materials you need to purchase.
  2. Wear safety gear before beginning construction. Keep the gear on at all times.
  3. Clear the area and then pour concrete for the footing in advance. This ensures the support is strong and hard by the time you lay the bricks.
  4. Without laying the mortar, lay a brick at each end of the wall. Get the length of the wall by measuring the number of bricks it takes to get from one end of the wall to the other.
  5. Mark the length of your bricks into the wall. If the length of each brick is 8.8 inches, mark the area for each brick as 9 inches. The additional 0.2 inch provides an allowance for the mortar between bricks.
  6. Start laying bricks from one end until you reach the other end of the wall. Put a level on top of the bricks to make sure they are even. Repeat the process on the face of the bricks to make sure none are protruding.
  7. Use mortar in between the bricks to make sure the bricks settle properly. Make sure the mortar is laid properly so they don’t jut.
  8. Cut a brick in half, lengthwise, to begin and end every alternating layer. This will give added foundation to your wall.
  9. Continue laying the bricks until you reach the top of the foundation wall. In between placing layers, always use the level to check if the edges are straight and the lines are even.
  10. Inspect the mortar joints after installing five rows. If the joints were getting dry, hit them with a joiner. This is a tool used to clean joints.
  11. When setting down the ends of layers, they should be level with the bricks above and below.
  12. Spike metal ties into the studs of the wall. Turn the metal ties on the top of the brick. This binds the brick wall to the attaching wall.