How to Build a Closet

If you need some space in your room, you can build a closet. You’ll just need to clear some space first so you can work successfully.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Air compressor
  • Nail gun
  • Stud finder
  • Wood boards
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Drill

Choose the Site

This doesn’t just refer to the physical space. You should also consider the space for the door when you open it. If you’re thinking of expanding it, this is something you need to consider too.

Make a Design

Get the tape measure. If needed make more space by removing some things in the area. Now get some pen and paper. Make a sketch of how you want it to look like. Decide how many shelves you want when you build a closet. Now get the materials you need from the hardware store.

Cut the Walls

Use the stud finder to locate them in the wall. You might also draw the shape on the wall for reference. Now use the saw and cut the pieces. Check the measurements to ensure that they are correct.

Add in the air compressor. Use a nail gun to secure it in place. Now you can install the wood boards. Attach the pieces on the studs. If you don’t the structure might collapse.

Add the Shelves and Door

Proceed to build a closet by adding the shelves. Cut them with the saw. Make as many as needed. Fasten them with the nails. Make sure that you add some 1 x 4 stringers and rod cup holders. This will provide the stability for the shelves.

If needed slice the closet rod to make it fit the cup. Set the rod support on the brackets. Fasten it by utilizing screws. For the door, you can just cut it out from the wood board. Check that it’s the right size, and then attach it.

The last step is to paint it. You can also apply some staining if you prefer. After you have finished, you can put your belongings in there.

Tips and Wranings

You can add more space in the closet by adding more rods. Just be sure the structure is strong enough to support it. Of course when you build a closet you can put in books, CDs and other stuff there.

Don’t dump everything though. Its purpose is to help you arrange your stuff. Try to keep your stuff sorted out.

The importance of the studs can’t be over emphasized. If you don’t set the boards there, you could hit the plumbing or some wires. Hitting one of these can be disastrous.

Be careful when using the saw to cut wood. While you want to be precise, take care not to cut yourself. If you are going to paint, don a mask. Wearing gloves can also protect your hands when handling rough materials. After working, be sure to clean up afterwards. Sweep all splinters scattered on the floor.

It doesn’t take long for a room to get cluttered. If you can build a closet though, you’ll be able to clear space up quickly.