Building a Deck Bench

A deck bench is a seat that can be shared by one or more people. Installing a bench in your deck provides extra sitting space for your guests while you enjoy the view. If you have some experience in carpentry, you can build one yourself.

Materials and Tools Needed

The materials you will need are wood and deck screws. The tools you need are a drill and a circular saw.

Cedar wood is commonly used, but you can use other types of wood as well.

Tips in Building a Deck Bench

The length of the deck chair depends on the available space. It can be a long seat or L-shaped to fit the corner of your deck.

The usual height of the seat portion of a wooden deck bench is about 16”. The ideal width of the bench seat is also 16’. Spaces thirty inches wide per person should be enough.

Build the seats using planks placed an inch apart to prevent water from pooling. Doing this also allows the air to circulate so that you will not be too warm on a hot summer day.

If you plan to sit for long hours on your deck bench, slope the seat about one inch lower at the back. Do not do this, if your chair has no back however, because it will look awkward.

If you want privacy in your deck, the back of the chairs should be high. If your purpose is to enjoy the view, keep the back of the chairs low; or you may not even put a back rest at all.

Use bolts and not just nails in order to secure joints because the deck bench will support the weight of one or more persons.

If you want to remove your deck bench and put it inside your house during winter, you can make it free-standing. Anchor it to the floor if you will use it the whole year.