How to Build a Deck Box

If you have plenty of stuff lying outside the house, you can build a deck box to store them. These containers are mostly used for stocking outdoor accessories but you can also use it to clear the clutter indoors.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Saw
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Concrete mix
  • Wood boards (2 x 4 is ideal)
  • Paint or stain
  • Gloves
  • Bolts
  • Face mask
  • Joists
  • Hinges
  • Nails
  • Tape measure
  • Wrenches

Make a Design Sketch

Draw the basic shape. It can be a simple square box. Or you can make it rectangular with a large intricate cover lid. When making the sketch, add the measurements too. Knowing the length, height and width gives you an idea how many wood boards to buy.

Make the Footings

Start to build a deck box with the footings. Decide on how high you want it to be. Use the tape measure to get an accurate figure. Saw the wood into the desired shape. Make sure each one is the same size. Sand them if the wood is rough. You can use concrete for the footing too. Just pour the cement into a frame or form and use it after it solidifies.

Create the Support Beams

Take the measurements for the box and use it for the frames. Make four pieces for the flooring. Also make four vertical beams for the wall sides. To build a deck box frame, nail the pieces together. Now you can screw or nail them to the footings.

Create the Wall Sections

Saw four more pieces from the wood boards. Double check the thickness measurement. Put all four walls in the frames. You can nail each one in place. If you want to use screws, drill holes in both walls and frames. Then you can fasten the screws.

Add the Lid Cover

To cover the container, make it just a little bigger than the box. Shape the wood as you want it to be. Now drill holes in it for the hinges. Fasten the screws. Make drill holes in the box too. Connect the hinges.


You can start to paint it now. This is the last stage to build a deck box. Start by adding the primer (the first paint layer). Put the strokes in evenly. Keep in mind that the more layers you apply, the longer the drying period.

Tips and Warnings

Put on the mask when you paint. Some people don’t like the smell and there could be chemicals there too. Be cautious when hammering in nails or sawing wood.

Divide the box into sections. Insert thin wood boards in the container. This will keep your things better organized.

You can also make handles for the box. Just cut them from the wood boards and nail them into place. If you want to use wood glue, it has to be the strong one. You don’t want the handles coming off when you lift the box.

It isn’t so hard to build a deck box .Just stick to your plans and follow the procedures. In due time, you’ll be finished with the project and packing your stuff there.