How to Build a Dog House

Your dog should have his own house, unless you’re willing to let him into your house during bad weather. You can build your dog a house even if you’re just a beginner in carpentry. It will only take a weekend.

The materials you need are:

  • pressure treated timber
  • waterproof plywood
  • concrete
  • roofing shingles (optional)
  • roofing nails
  • nontoxic paint/varnish

The tools you need are:

  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • hammer
  • drill
  • shovel
  • concrete mixer
  • paint brush and container
  • safety glasses
  • Tips to Build a Doghouse

    1. Locate the doghouse in a shady part of your yard where your dog will be comfortable. The floor should sit far enough above ground to prevent water from entering on the rainiest days, and to protect your dog from the cold during winter.
    2. Design the doghouse with your dog’s needs and characteristics in mind. The breed of your dog will determine the dimension of the doghouse and other features that may be needed. As an example, if your dog’s coat is not thick, your doghouse may need insulation.
    3. In deciding the size of your doghouse, you should consider how big your dog will grow if he is still a puppy. He should be able to sit, stand, and move freely inside his house. Consult your veterinarian if you need help identifying the characteristics of your dog, especially if he is a half-breed.
    4. Your doghouse should have proper ventilation. A good location provides sunlight and fresh air. The door should be big enough for the dog to enter and exit. A window will increase air circulation.