How to Build a Garden Maze

A garden maze can be enjoyable to persons of all ages. Not only do they look great from the ground but it is also an astonishing sight from overhead. So how exactly do you go about getting a garden maze in your yard? As long as you have the landscape space to do so you can easily create one from scratch. Once you decide on the type of maze you want to build then the rest will be a breeze.

Required Materials

  • Ground Cover
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Walkway Materials
  • PVC Drainage Tube

Required Tools

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Shovel
  • Chalk
  • String
  • Wheelbarrow


  1. Locate your Area – Clearly the very first thing we will need to do is to locate the area in which your maze will be. Try to map out what you would like where and try to find a place for it in your yard. You could also try to integrate some of the elements already located in your yard for example some of the trees already in position may be able to highlight certain areas of your maze. To give yourself a clearer visual locate the area you want to be the middle of the maze and mark it with chalk. Our maze will be scaled using paces, lets say three feet equals to be equal about one pace. So lets begin pacing out our maze. Be sure to make a mark each time you turn a corner (remember this is not a set scale so you can feel free cut it down if you do not have enough space).When you are though mapping out your path then the rest can be filled in eventually but be sure mark your outer boundaries, there should be a straight-line reference point for the entire maze.
  2. Pick your Plants – Your maze can be made from any plant you want as long as it can be grown in the conditions of your environment. Once you have selected the plant material you which to use it will be time to begin planting our maze. Dig your plant hole about a quarter of an inch and a bit wider than the pot that it came in. Add fertilizer around the plant, ensure that you tamp it down to avoid air pockets. To allow water absorption form a small dish around the plant. While pruning the plant be sure to keep your initial maze outline in mind.
  3. Follow your outline – Be sure to follow your outline when planting your garden maze, check the each plants location at least twice before you actually plant it to avoid re-digging holes. Remember no all paths will be an open path so be sure to plot out your false paths carefully.
  4. Select Path Material that Drains Well – Your paths can be made from various different materials, from grass to stone. Regardless of what you choose you will need to ensure that it is able to drain well. We wouldn’t want huge puddles in our maze every time it rains now would we? You may want to find creative drainage means for example you could pill soil and stone around a perforated PVC tube or you could consider making the paths with a slight rise in the middle. You can decide.
  5. Development over time – The great thing about planting a garden maze is that once you set the basic structure everything else can be achieved over time. You may add to it or even subtract from it whenever you choose.