How to Build a Go Cart Frame

Do you enjoy participating in go cart racing? Go carts are very useful if you want to practice and master your skills in driving and racing. To save money and to make sure that the go cart that will be used is stable, it is beneficial to know how to build a go cart frame. In this way, you can be assured that the materials that will be attached to the frame have good quality. Before proceeding with the steps, it is essential to gather all the materials.

Tools and Materials

One of the most important materials in the project is the electric motor. Depending on the design of the frame, you can replace the electric motor with a gas engine. Aside from these, you need a steel plank, metal tubing, wooden dowels, seat, bolts, screws, saw and a drill. To complete the frame, you will use a car battery, a braking kit, a steering kit, wheel rims and four wheel tires.


To begin with the creation of a go cart frame, search the Internet, books and magazines for the style of the frame that you prefer. Use this as a pattern when building the go cart frame. Make sure that the style has measurements and specifications. Afterwards, get the saw and cut the tubing as well as the dowels depending on the measurements given in the pattern. Get the bolts and screws. Fasten the tubing and the other accessories and parts of the frame like the braking kit and steering kit. After attaching the kits, fasten the other parts including the seat, roll bars and the wheels.


Many go cart frames are square or oval. Choosing the design for the frame is essential to make a stable go cart. It is necessary that the frame is one to two inches above the ground. If you like to be sure that you will fit in the frame, get a cardboard and sit on it. Afterwards, make an outline of the frame’s design. Remember to provide extra space at the sides, front and back.

Additional Tips

To ensure your safety, download or print a construction plan for a go cart that will suit the design of the frame. To prevent experiencing delays, gather all the tools as well as materials beforehand. Finally, always use high quality materials to be assured that there will be no damages in the frame and that the parts will function effectively and as expected.