How to Build a Hydro Generator

Trying to build a hydro generator is not as complicated as you may think. As long as you get the needed equipment, the creation process will be straightforward.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Plastic spoons (10)
  • Copper enamel wire (120 m)
  • Dowel (wood)
  • Cork
  • Washers
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape
  • Magnets
  • Glue gun
  • Wire snips
  • Brass fasteners (4)
  • Glue
  • Knife
  • Marker (black)
  • Plastic bottle
  • Compass
  • Cardboard
  • Voltmeter
  • Saw
  • Emery board
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Clear tubing (6 cm in length x ¼ in diameter)

Make the Stator and Rotor

Set the compass on the cardboard. Use the marker or pencil and make two circles. Each must be 60 cm in diameter. Make a 90 degree line in the midst of the two circles. Make a small hole in the middle. The first disc is the stator and the second is the rotor. Note this down.

Make the Coils

The next step to build a hydro generator will be creating the coils. Get a cardboard and mold it so that it is 30 cm by 16 cm jig. Take the enamel wire and four coils. Make approximately 200 wraps. Don’t cover everything; allow for 3 cm of space at both end corners.

Take out one coil at a time and cover it with the electrical tape. Get the emery board and take out a centimeter from the enamel. Keep doing this until the entire enamel from the 1 cm perimeter has been eliminated.

Connect the Coils

Take the two circles / discs you cut and set the coils there. Use the lines you illustrated to place the coils. When you build a hydro generator, set them in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner. This is needed to allow the electricity to flow.

Connect the coils (they need to be in sequential order). Now get the voltmeter. The results should display 10 ohms at most. When the result is correct, use the adhesive to link the cardboard and the coils. Create four incisions for the brass tabs. These need to be set among the coils.

Put the Magnets in Place

Take the rotor disc. If you haven’t done so, draw the 90 degree lines and make a hole in its midst. Connect the magnets to the disc along with the washers. Orient them at north and south respectively. If necessary, utilize the compass for the right directions.

Add the Turbine & Shaft

To build a hydro generator appropriately, get the sharpener and use it to hone the dowel. Next, get the knife and sharpen the cork. Make several cuts. These need to be equally spaced and at an angle. Take the spoons and chop the handle. Leave only a centimeter of it. Put them in the cork.

Remove the container’s bottom. Create a hole at the sides. Drill a hole and put the stator disc there. Make the slits in the bottle.

Putting it Together

Slice a couple of sections from the tubing. Take the dowel and add the rotor and tubing. Next add the stator, container and finally the turbine.

When you build a hydro generator, you’ll get to understand how the process works. This can help you uncover the many other possible sources of electricity and power around.

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