Motorcycle Frame Jig

A motorcycle frame jig is an instrument that holds the parts of the motorcycle frame in place. This device allows the motorcycle frame to be easily prepared for fitting and tack welding.

It can be bought from several motorcycle shops. Make sure to test the jig before you purchase it. Check if it is compatible with your motorcycle frame.

You can also create your own motorcycle frame jig.

  1. Prepare two pieces of five-inch steel mill channels. These serve as the foundation where the other parts of the frame jig will be attached to.
  2. Create the neck jig post by acquiring two plates. Clamp the plates to the five-inch channel. The neck jig post should be made of 1/8” thick steel tubing that measures 2”x 3”. Doing these steps will make the neck adjustable in terms of its height.
  3. Take a ¾ inch rod on a pivot and use it to follow through the frame’s neck.
  4. To create the axle post, you need 2 x 4 inches of ¼ steel tubing. Use ¾ inch axles to hold the axle plates. Shaft collars and spacers will keep the axles well in place.
  5. Get a ½-inch steel plate and a ½-inch square tube and weld the two together. This will let the plate move vertically for small adjustments and for leveling. Make sure that the axle posts can be moved in any direction.
  6. Take 1 1/4-inch steel stubbing and use it to set up the lower rails. Then take a 1 x 4 inch steel bar that will serve as your engine bar.
  7. Once you have assembled all the above components, use a threaded rod to pass through the channels. To keep the bolt in place, you can use an angle and nut. Take the engine plate and secure it to the structure using set screws on each of the engine plate’s corners.