How to Build a Mouse Trap Car

A mouse trap car is a type of toy car that uses the spring on a mouse trap to power it and set it in motion. A string controls the spring to rotate the wheels.

To build your own mouse trap car, you need the following materials.

  • mouse trap
  • Two metal rods (4mm in diameter)
  • 4 eyehole screws
  • Plywood
  • Rubber bands
  • Washer
  • String

Steps to Build a Mouse Trap Car

  1. Get your mouse trap and locate the wire that keeps the mouse trap open.
  2. Pull the wire out of the trap with your pliers. You also have to remove the bait holder because you will not need it in this project. Take out the staples that held the parts you just removed.
  3. Create a small hole in one end of the trap. Ideally, the holes should be made around 8mm from each edge. Then screw the eye hooks onto the hole you have made.
  4. You can now assemble the wheel and axle. With a compass, create four 75mm circles on the plywood. You can make the circles smaller or larger, but 75mm is ideal for long runs. Use a jigsaw to cut the circles out. File the edges of the circles to make them smooth.
  5. Take the metal rods and cut them to an equal length. Also file their edges to make them smooth.
  6. Take one rod and cut halfway through it. Fit the wire catch of the trap into the groove you have just made in the rod. Then glue the wire on the axle’s slot.
  7. Place the rod with the wire on the rear of the trap where you have placed the eyehole screws. Put the other rod on its respective place. Secure the axles with washers.
  8. Take your four wheels and drills a hole in the center of each wheel. Slide the wheels on each of the rods.

You are now ready to create the mouse trap car’s engine. Take your string and firmly tie it to the middle of the trap’s jaws. Tie a loop in the trap’s other end. The loop should be at the rear axle. Take two rubber bands and glue them around the rear wheels. This will provide traction.