How to Build a Paintball Gun

With only a few pipes and screws, you’ll be able to build a paintball gun. The actual construction doesn’t take that long, so you will be able to make several for your friends too.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Plumber’s glue and tape
  • Primer
  • Driller
  • Tire replacement valve
  • Concrete mix
  • PVC pipe 1”
  • A couple of PVC elbows
  • A couple of PVC tees
  • PVC end cap (1”)
  • ¾ Ball valve
  • ¾ Nipple
  • Saw

Note: assign labels 1 and 2 for the PVC tees. The straight end parts will be called A1 and A2 and the perpendicular A3. For the B tee they would be B1 and B2. B3 will be used for the perpendicular.

Connect the Elbows and 1” PVC Pipes

Start by slicing four sections from the 1” PVC. To build a paintball gun, all four must be 4 ft long. Utilize the plumber’s glue to coat over any threads. Now take the two elbows. Put primer and cement on them. Connect the elbows to the pipes.

Connect the PVC Tees

Take the two PVC tees. Put primer and cement (in that order) on each one. Stick the ends designated A3 and B1 to both corners of the pipes. Be sure they are the correct labels. Get the other ends and use the glue to connect them together. It should resemble a box.

Assemble the Outer Parts

Prepare some screws and screwdrivers before you continue to build a paintball gun. Now get the nipple and screw it to the B2 designation. Use another screw to join the nipple to the ball valve. To implement the gun barrel, take the PVC pipe and screw it upon the valve.

Attach the Tire Valve

Use a driller to make openings in the end cap. This is for the tire valve itself. Use adhesive to fasten the tire valve into place. It needs to be set into the end cap properly.

Get the 1” PVC pipe. Measure 9” and cut it. Get the tee end marked A2 and glue it to this pipe. Be sure to link the end cap to the pipe too. Let the cement mixture dry for two days. After that period, it will be ready for use. You can now build a paintball gun for your friends too.


Practice shooting on bottles or walls first. Don’t use it on a person until you’re sure it works properly.

Use robust pipes. If you settle for worn out types, the results might not be satisfactory. You should also give the pieces the required time to dry. Using it prematurely might damage it.

The area you choose to play in should be far from people. You don’t want anyone to get smeared with the paint if they’re not playing. If you are going to play in your yard, steer clear of any furnishings that might get smeared too.

Always wear the appropriate gear before starting the game. Also make sure everyone understands the rules.

There are plenty of these gadgets available in stores, but as you can see you can build a paintball gun easily. You get to save money and besides, it’s more fun.