How to Build Putting Greens

To build putting greens, you first need to determine a good area to build. Then you base your design on that area. The durability of the greens depends on the terrain, the climate, the irrigation, and the type of grass and mowers available.

Choose the lawn with the highest elevated area. It is best to choose sandy soil that does not retain water. Avoid proximity to buildings, trees, shrubs, bodies of water, water depositing areas, and children’s play areas.

Select the materials you will use based on how you want the putting green to be maintained and on how long it should last. These materials can be installed in different ways. When you have prepared your base, have your materials delivered to your area. Have a spot cleared where these materials will be initially placed.

Dig out the selected area with a shovel, a bobcat, or other small tractor. Remove all foreign items like rocks, glass, cans, and rubbish. Get a layer down and rake the site until it is even and not at risk of shifting. Leveling machines can help you out in this tedious task. Uneven land makes it hard to set the balls or play properly.

Once the land is even, it is time to lay the grass. If you chose the artificial kind, just stretch the grass over the base and fix it to the ground using yard staples or other tools. If you opt for traditional grass, carefully position the grass and attach the pieces together over your base.

Strategically place your irrigation channels. Whether coming from rain or by irrigation, the water should flow away from your green easily. Grass dies with too much water, whereas poor drainage will result in puddles that will make your green unviable. It is clever to put your green on a sloped terrain.

Once the grass and the irrigation are settled, attend to the transition of your green. Add fertilizer or irrigate to help give the grass a richer color and look. You may also want to consider different types of layouts and accessories. Never use the chemicals commonly used by professional golf courses to prevent from poisoning small children and pets.

When the area is ready to be played on, keep it mowed below an inch for most favorable use. To complete the putting experience, install the metal cups for the holes.

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