How to Build Your Own Sunroom

The sunroom is a part of the house that lets in a large amount of sunlight. It also provides a view of the scenery around the house. These houses also often let heat into the room.

Homeowners can attach a sunroom to their house. Begin by deciding its location. Determine the size of the sunroom you want. Measure the distance of the sunroom from the appropriate site in your house, going outward.

Then, measure the structure’s length between the sides. Next, get the height from the structure’s foundation to both below and above the eave of your house.

When you already have the specifications of your sunroom, you can now select a sunroom kit. This is available in home improvement shops and other stores for home construction materials.

Before purchasing a kit, be aware of your budget. Keep in mind the measurements you have taken while looking for an appropriate sunroom kit. Some sellers have specific sizes of sunroom kits. Others can customize one for you.

After acquiring the right sunroom kit, you can proceed to attach it. First, you need to build a frame around the doorway that leads to your home. You can use a set of 2 x 4’s to create the frame. Connect the sunroom to this frame. To set a foundation for your sunroom, you may use the existing patio, a wooden platform, or a concrete slab.

You are ready to install the door when the frame and foundation are laid out. You can set it up on either end, with the hinges on the right or left side. To meet building codes, all doors of sunrooms should swing outward.

Install the walls and the roofing included in the kit. Most of the material used for parts in sunroom kits can be Plexiglas or fiberglass.

In case you are willing to spend more money, you can have a sunroom custom-built onto the house. This may take longer, but it will be a more durable structure when it’s finished.

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