How to Build a Teepee

Do you want to build an affordable playhouse for your kids? Then why not build a teepee? It could save you over $200 as everything you need can be found right around your home.

Required Materials

  • Sticks (preferably from pine trees)
  • Twine, Rope or Yarn
  • Manure or Compost
  • A Shovel
  • Measure/ Compost
  • A Willing Toddler
  • Paint and markers
  • A White Canvas Drop Cloth


  1. Gather your sticks – The first thing we will be doing is gathering our main material. Feel free to use the dead bottom branches of your pine tree, there is no need to climb to the top. You will need at least three big pieces. If you see any fallen branches feel free to use them as well. You want to choose sticks that will achieve your desired teepee size. Sticks with a “v – shaped” end would be easier to maneuver.
  2. Making the Main Support – Lets begin building our teepee. Lay down your three big pieces of sticks together then proceed to wrap the rope around the branches and tie it. Be sure to use a long enough rope so that some of it is left hanging. Now that you have tied your sticks together bring your main support to a stand and spread the sticks so that they stand on their own. Using three pieces of sticks your teepee should begin to look like a 3 sided pyramid.
  3. Make a door – You should by now have a visual of how you want your finished teepee to look like. So it it should not be hard to decide where you want the entrance to be. Once you have located your entrance place a long stick to stand (vertically) in the position which your door will be.
  4. Lets Put in some cross pieces – Depending on the main purpose of your teepee this step may not be necessary but I would recommend including it to ensure a more study structure. To do this you will need to simply place some sticks horizontally around your main structure while using your rope to make firm knots to attach them. You may put this up at feet intervals from the bottom of your teepee up to the top. Be sure not to place any of these cross pieces in the section in which your door will be.
  5. Decorate your area – If your main purpose of this teepee was by chance to use as a “clubhouse’ for your children you may want to think of creative ways to get your teepee to appeal to them. One way to do this is by decorating the area outside your teepee. There are various things you can use for decoration. You may choose to plant flowers around the area as well as you may also decide to use your sticks to make figures around the teepee. Remember this is your teepee feel free to go crazy and just have fun.
  6. Wrap the Teepee – A major factor in making your teepee attractive will be wrapping your teepee. Depending on the type of material you are using you may need to tie your wrapping down onto the teepee. You may also choose to paint your wrapping to make it more attractive or just to make it more you.