How to Build an Awning

An awning is a protective shed that provides shelter from the sun or rain. The most basic type is the shade awning. It simply screens the sun. A shade awning is usually found on patios. This type of awning can be rolled-on when it is hot and rolled-out when it cools down.

You can build an awning and attach it to your house. Awnings are often attached to the deck, patio, or terrace.

To begin, make accurate measurements of the opening where you will build your awning. Buy a piece of shade cloth slightly larger than your measurements. Afterwards, drill holes on the top part of the area where you will attach your awning.

Place the screw eyes on the drilled holes. This is where your awning starts when you roll it out. You will attach the cable for the awning here. Tighten the holes with your hand and use screwdrivers afterwards for added security.

Locate the exact screwing points on the opposite wall or fence where your awning will end. To do this accurately, tie a string in the screw eyes and follow the string until you reach the other wall or fence. You should create a straight line with the string. Mark these accurate parallel areas and drill clearance holes for eyebolts. Eyebolts look like screw eyes but they pass through the fence to the back where they are secured by a washer and nut. Install turnbuckles on one side.

Fix the cables which will guide the shade cloth when you want to roll it out. Use a weather and rust-resistant cable for durability. Install the cable on the screw eyes and run them across the room.

Sew a hem using running stitches on the rough edges of the shade cloth. To hang the cloth on the cables, make holes, which are reinforced using a grommet kit (it comes with the awning-building kit) at the sewed sides of the shade cloth and at its center. Insert regular key rings at these reinforced holes. Run the cable (the one which connects the fences) through the key rings. Secure the turnbuckles.

Your awning is now ready to be used. Just use the cable running through the shade for pulling down or pulling up the awning.