How to Build a Roof

The roof is the topmost section of houses and structures. It shields the structure and its inhabitants from different weather conditions.

There are different roof types that can be built. The type of roof depends on the materials used, as well as the design you want for the roof.

To build a roof, you need to know basic carpentry and construction. You should also know tilling, slating, battening, and felting, as well as fitting the roof into position.

Before you begin construction, consider the following:

  • The building regulations to see whatever rules apply to roofs in the area. This varies from place to place.
  • The materials you will use. This will affect how you build the roof.
  • The type of roof you want to build. A traditional roof is made of solid timber while a lightweight trusted rafter is a lighter alternative.
  • The area and the pitch of the roof. The pitch is the rise or slope of inclination of the roof.

Once you’ve determined these things, you can draw up the plan for construction. The plan should be accurate in size and dimensions. This will determine how you cut the pieces needed for construction.

To build a roof, you initially need to make the basic frame of your roof. This should be done by parts and on the ground as you will need to have easy access to it later. The frame can also be started in the house so it doesn’t need to be transferred.

Aside from the frame, you need to make the roof parts. There are two parts you need to build to make up a roof:

  • The purlin is the horizontal part of the roof. It takes the load from the roof deck or sheathing. The purlins are supported by the principal rafters.
  • The rafters are the beams, which support the main structure of the roof.

Cut the rafters on the ground before mounting them on the frame. Each cut should be identical and precise. A template will help you make the saw-cuts as identical as possible. All vertical cuts should be equal and level as the fascia-board will be attached to the cut ends. This will provide a firm base for the guttering.

Once you’re done making all the pieces, you can start putting them together. First, you need to set the frame. If you started the frame on the ground, you can now assemble it on the roof. Afterwords, set the purlins and the rafters into place on the frame.

Check the purlins every once in a while as they need to be level all throughout. If they have curved edges, they should be facing upwards.

After this has been done, you can place the sheeting for the insulation, as well as any tiles or finishing you would like to add to the roof.