How to Build a Shed

Building a shed is similar to building a big box. It is simply putting wood together then nailing the slanted hunk of the room to the walls. Unlike a big box, however, you can apply preservative and electrical wirings.

You can also buy a shed-building kit. This way is easier because the kit includes specific materials and instructions on how to assemble them. In choosing a building kit, do not buy something you’ve just seen from a brochure or a picture; go to the shop and see the finished product.

Here are some of questions you should ask yourself before buying your shed-building kit:

  • How thick is the timber I want? The thickness of the timber will determine its long term quality.
  • How will the panels look when they are overlapped? Can they prevent water leakage? Can I handle the panels easily?
  • Is the wood pre-treated? Pre-treated wood may last longer.


Building the Shed


Create the plans for the shed. If you chose a shed-building kit, then the plan will be included in the package. If not, carefully measure the area where the shed will be and incorporate it to the plans.

Make sure the shed will be placed on a dry and level base. It will be easier to build the flooring and it will ensure that the panels making up the wall will line up appropriately. Besides, your shed will look like a skew if it’s not leveled.

If you are using a shed building kit, the materials will already be pre-cut and ready for assembly. Otherwise, you need to buy the materials needed for the shed. The quantity and the kind of materials will depend on your design and plans. You will also need to prepare, cut, and shape the parts of the shed based on your plan. Once this is done, you can put the shed together.

Dig up the area where you will make the concrete floor. However, if your shed is above the ground, wood boards work best. If you used a building kit, just follow the instructions and screw in the pre-punctured holes. Then, cover the windows with frame-sealing mastic to protect your shed from the elements.

Since you will need electrical wiring in your shed, ensure that the cables are either buried or in the ceiling (and insulated). They must never be on the floor or dragged along on the ground. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring, you can call an electrician to handle this part of the project.

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