How to Build a Speaker Box

The speaker box houses the electric components of the speaker. It provides protection for the wiring and additional acoustics. It also allows users to move the speakers from one place to another.

Before building the box, create a design. Review the proper dimensions of the speaker enclosure with the manufacturer’s specifications. Check if the given measurements are for the interior or exterior.

For interior dimensions, consider the thickness of the wood you will use. The standard is 3/4 of an inch. This means you have to add another 3/4 of an inch to all sides of the materials. If the dimensions were intended for the exterior of the box, the measurements should be exact.

With pencil and tape measure, outline the patterns for parts of the enclosure on a 3/4 inch medium-density fiberboard. The parts needed are the six sides of the box and the center divider. Cut out the patterns with a jigsaw.

Get your pattern for the top portion. Sketch the inner and outer sections of the frame onto the place of the board where you want to put your speakers.

Set a 3/4–inch bit router for a 3/8–inch cutting depth. Route out the part amid the outer and inner circles. The frame of the speaker will be mounted here. If a router is not available, cut the hole of the inner circle with a jigsaw. The frame of the speaker will be placed on the board.

Then, cut the holes for the speakers. Sand out the router area and smooth the edges of the hole with a file. In each of the side panels, make a 2-inch round hole for the speaker wires.

Build the box with screws and close up the joints with silicon to make it airtight. Put the front panel out of the box. Glue the back of the carpet to its outer portion, wrapping the box tightly. Put the carpet on the top panel.

With a blade, cut lines shaped like a star into the carpet. This will wrap the opening for the speakers. Put in the connector through the holes, placing the two terminals in the box.

Fix the connectors with a screw. Fix the edges with silicon to make the box airtight. Connect the speaker wire to each connector and speaker. Connect the negative wire to the negative lead of the speaker and the positive wire to the positive lead.

Place the front panel (the side that will hold the speaker) on the box with screws.

Then, move the speakers into the star pattern outlines enveloping the holes on the front panel.