How to Build a Toy Box

Toy boxes are containers where children’s toys can be placed. These often have handles on top with a lid that has hinges so it can be opened and closed easily. Some toy boxes have added designs to make them more appealing to children. In some cases, toy boxes are also provided to teach toddlers to clean up after themselves.


The Tools Needed


  • carpenter’s pencil
  • table saw
  • jigsaw
  • sandpaper
  • portable drill
  • woodworker’s glue
  • screwdriver
  • magnet
  • safety goggles




  • boards for the two sides
  • boards for the front and back
  • boards for the top and bottom
  • a hinge
  • wood screws
  • pencil and paper
  1. Consider the size of the toy box you want to make. This will help you in making the design. Draw the box and place the measurements. The bottom of the box should be able to hold the four sides on top of it. Make the lid of the box a little larger than the bottom so there is a lip that you can hold on to open the box.
  2. Trace the measurements of the top, bottom, and four sides on wooden boards. You can use any kind of wood as long as it is sturdy and thick enough to hold the nails.
  3. Saw the 6 sides of the box from the wood by following the markings you made earlier. Try to make the lines as straight as possible.
  4. Sandpaper the wood to smoothen it. This is to prevent any injuries that may be acquired when handling the box later.
  5. Assemble the pieces. Nail the bottom of the sides to the bottom of the box. Make sure the nails you use are nailed properly so that no part of it juts from the wood.
  6. Place a hinge on the lid and on one of the sides of the box so that the lid can swing open. You can use more than one hinge if the box is a bit large. Make sure the extended lip is in place so that users can grasp it to open the box.
  7. Affix a small magnet to the center of the top of the side opposite the one with hinges. Wrap the metal on the middle of the lip of the lid so that the lid will close with the help of the magnet but still, it will be easy to open.
  8. Add any design you want. You can paint it or add varnish. You can also glue scrap cloth or wallpaper to the sides.

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