How to Build a Tree House

Tree houses are housing structures incorporated to a tree. They are often set among the branches of the tree. These can be simple structures with a roof and walls or stylized ones with several details. The basic parts of the tree house include a platform set on top of a tree and a roof to shelter people from the elements.

  1. Begin by choosing the tree. It has to be within your property to make sure that you can use it. If the tree is not in your property, make sure you have permission to use the tree. Make sure the tree is sturdy and has a wide branch system to support the parts of the tree house.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the tree, you have to make the design for the house. You can create your own or get a ready-made design from bookstores or over the Internet. You can modify the designs to accommodate the structure of your tree.
  3. The kind of tree house you want dictates the quantity and the quality of the material you need. Some tree houses consist of just a floor, a roof and some railings so that people do not fall off. Others create full houses with complete walls and a door set above a tree. In some cases, people add rope ladders, swings, turrets, and the like to their tree house.
  4. Set the floor of the tree house. Choose a part of the tree where there is enough space to lay platforms. You can choose an area that is supported with branches. You can also set posts to support the tree house. Make sure the floor is sturdy and leveled.
  5. Remove any branches that may get in the way of the tree house. Add the walls or railings you want. While adding the elements, constantly make sure the platform can hold the weight. You can add posts to the platform or floor at any time to provide added support to the tree house.
  6. Add the roof. Remove any branches that may get in the way. Install the kind of roof you want for the tree house.
  7. After the basic structure of the house is in place, make sure you have the structure for getting to the tree house. This can vary from a wooden ladder, a rope ladder, or a knotted rope that you can climb. Some simply utilize the branches of the tree to get to the house. However, it is best to attach an easier way to get to and from the house for safety measures.
  8. Any additional structures you want to add can be put in place. Some people add swings, flags and decorations. While adding elements to the house, always make sure that the house can support the weight of the structure as well as the added weight of the people who will go to the tree house.

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