How to Build a Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are a kind of windmill. Windmills are used to harness moving wind to power a machine. Traditional windmills power mills that grind grain for farms. Windmills used to generate electricity are called wind turbines.

The blades of a wind turbine are turned by the gusts of wind. The blade is connected to a shaft that powers an electric generator. The electricity is then either routed and supplied directly to houses or stored for future use.


Materials Needed


  • plywood
  • corrugated cardboard
  • six 3-mm square dowel braces
  • 28 gauge 120-m enamel magnet wire
  • disk magnets
  • 1/4-inch square dowels
  • 5-mm lead
  • four 3-cm washers
  • 7/8-inch eye screw
  • white glue


Tools Needed


  • tape measure
  • electrical tape
  • compass
  • utility knife
  • scissors
  • voltmeter
  • screwdriver
  • glue gun




  1. Draw a circle with a 6-inch radius on paper. Cut the circle out then cut it in half. Place the two halves on top of each other such that the curved parts are not on the same side. Make sure they are overlapping and the top part covers half of the lower part. Glue them together to serve as the pattern for the blades.
  2. Trace the pattern on a piece of cardboard. Continue tracing until you have enough blades. The number of blades you use in the turbine will affect how it harnesses wind. More blades mean it can spin faster.
  3. Draw a circle on the plywood. The circle must have a radius of 6 cm. You can use a protractor to make an accurate circle. Drill a screw at the center of the circle.
  4. Glue 30-cm high vertical supports in the plywood. The supports should be placed 8 cm from the center of the circle. Make sure the supports are lined up.
  5. Put foot supports at the bottom of the vertical supports.
  6. Place an eye screw at the middle of the horizontal frame member. Slip the circular dowel through it. Securely attach the horizontal member in place with glue.
  7. Create a 3 cm x 20 cm tube of cardboard and secure it with tape. Use this to form the coils. Wind the 200 coils of wire around the tube. Make sure to leave 40 cm of extra wire on both ends.
  8. Remove the coiled wire from cardboard. Secure the coil with electrical tape. Strip 15 mm of enamel from each end of the coil and test for current with the voltmeter.
  9. Repeat the last two steps until you have four coils.
  10. Lay the coils lengthwise along the axis line at the base. Wire each coil to an adjoining coil. The direction of the coil should be clockwise. Glue the coils to the base.
  11. Cut a cardboard circle with a radius of 6 cm. Punch a hole into the center. Draw a cross through the center of the circle. Glue the washers at the ends of the cross. Glue the magnets on top of each washer. Make sure the north side of the magnet is the one facing up from the washer.
  12. Cut a water bottle in half. Remove the top and bottom part of the bottle. Create a plastic tube with the half water bottle having a radius of 6 inches.
  13. Glue the blades to the tube, making sure blades are arranged and fanned out. Seal the other end. Place the tube on top of the vertical supports.
  14. Punch a hole at the end of the plastic tube where you can put the circular dowel.
  15. Fix the other end of the dowel to the cardboard with the magnets. Make sure the magnets are facing the wire coils placed at the plywood base.

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