How to Build a Wooden Go-Cart

Begin by designing the cart. You can create the design on your own. You can also purchase a go-cart plan from one of the DIY and hobby stores in your area. The advantage of getting a ready-made go cart plan is that it includes directions on where and how you should install the axles and the breaks.

After creating the plan or examining the one you bought, you can start building the basic frame of the go cart. For this part, you can use timber, which you can buy from your local hardware store.

The size of the wood you will cut depends on the measurements indicated in your design. This frame will include the seat, a compartment for the engine, and the connections for the wheels. Use 3-inch nails to secure the frame.

After you have finished the frame, you can then build the front axle and steering. Generally, this component is made up of a piece of wood with a groove in the middle. Take the front axle and fit it into the groove. The front axle is where the front wheels would spin on. Next, you create a hole on the wood to provide steering. Then, secure the wheels to the axle with a set of split pins and washers.

Afterwards, you can work on the rear axle. Keep in mind that the wheels and the rear axle spin as one unit. Create the bearing to secure the axle to the frame. Then weld the wheels one after the other to the axle.

Finally, you can attach the brakes. For a wooden go-cart, you can actually use the brakes of a bicycle. Fasten the brakes on the provided compartment in the cart with a metal bolt. The position of your brakes depends on the size of your cart as well as your wheels.