How to Call Forward

Call forward is a feature used on a telephone that allows all your incoming calls from one telephone to be re-directed to another telephone (which is usually a cell phone). In most instances the phone which it is going to will ring once and then re-route connections to the phone which it is program to re-direct to. This feature is mainly used by persons conducting business who are sometimes expecting important calls but can’t be present at one location so have them forwarded to their mobile phone.

Tools required are

  • Telephone

Materials required are

  • Telephone


    1. Figure out which phone you would like all your calls to forward from and listen for the dial tone and enter the call forwarding code. This code is issued by your local telephone company, so check with them to get the correct number. Then enter the number of the phone you wish the calls to be directed to
    2. Now the phone that calls will be directed to will now ring, either have someone take it up or have it close to you so you can take it up. Or confirm by repeating the first step.
    3. This process would have now officially activated the call forwarding features and all calls from the original phone will now be re-directed to the other phone.
    4. If you should decide to stop the call forwarding service all you have to do is take up the original phone and put in a deactivation code which also provided by your telephone service provider.

    Tips and Warning

    • For the US the code for the call forwarding feature is usually *72, for European Union it is *21* and *73 and #21# to deactivate respectively. Tables of the call forwarding codes can also be found on the internet for various countries.
    • Certain phones (mainly cell phones) have a built in call forwarding features that you can configure without having to go through the regular procedure.
    • The Call forwarding feature normally incurs an additional charge to your phone service so be sure to check with your telephone company to query these charges.
    • You may also setup your call forwarding to activate only when the original telephone line is busy. You may consult your telephone company for these codes as well.