How to Call International Directory Assistance

International Directory Assistance is a special telecommunication service offered in some countries. This service is very important to individuals who want to contact or communicate with their relatives and friends abroad. With the use of this service, people will not have problems getting the contact information of their loved ones residing or working in other countries. There are different effective and reliable ways to use this service. Discussed below are the different methods that people can use if they are interested to know how to call International Directory Assistance.

First Method

With the use of this method, anyone can easily reach or call International Directory Assistance. The first step is to dial 00. Wait for the recorded message and make sure to follow the instructions. If it is possible, ask for the operator to transfer the call to the directory assistance.

Second Method

If the first option is not possible, then try the second method, which is to call a specific toll-free phone number. Call 1-800-225-5288 and wait until a recording has done playing. Dial 21 after the recording. Another recording will be played. As soon as the second recording was over, dial 0 and wait for the operator. Ask the operator to forward the call to International Directory Assistance.

Third Method

If the two mentioned methods failed, call International Directory Assistance with the use of the long distance telecommunication provider’s corporate code. To determine the code, use several references such as the Internet, periodicals as well as Yellow Pages. Additionally, it is necessary that the code be composed of three numbers or four numbers. After getting the code, use the phone to call the service. The initial step is to dial 101. As soon as an operator answered the call, tell the operator to forward the call to the directory assistance service.

Other Tips

Callers should wait for 30 seconds to a minute when the call is directed or forwarded to the International Directory Assistance. Do not hang up. In addition, it is advantageous to research the costs or rates of calling the service to be assured that it will suit the budget. Moreover, it is also important to know some information about the person to be called or contacted. To contact the directory service easily, ask advice from people who already called International Directory Assistance. Finally, avoid giving out private or personal information to operators when using this service to ensure the safety of the caller as well as the receiver.