How to Carve a Wooden Pipe

An interesting form of art that artists can do to profit, wood carving is helpful in making masterpieces with the use of cutting tools and wood pieces. One of the things that artists can try to make by applying the basic methods of carving is a wooden pipe. Making a wooden pipe is not difficult for artists who are dedicated and who are willing to allot time to finish the project. Below are the simple steps to be followed by people who want to know how to carve a wooden pipe.

Tools and Materials

To learn how to carve a wooden pipe, amateurs can start with identifying the materials and tools that are useful in this project like Bruyere wood. If there are no Bruyere wood available, the material can be substituted with a briar block. Aside from wood, artists need some of the basic carving tools such as a chisel, a milling cutter and a grafter. The other important tools and materials are a pencil, a ferrule, a saw, sandpaper, a drill that has gimlets as well as a Dremel tool.


The Design

Before starting the project, it is important to identify the design of the wooden pipe to be made. To have ideas about different pipe designs, search the Internet, magazines or books for pictures and illustrations of wooden pipes. Afterwards, get all the materials and start carving the wood. As a reminder, try different types of wood since the quality of wood used in making the pipe can affect the taste of tobacco that smokers will use.


The initial step in this project is to get the block and the saw. Cut the wood with the use of the saw based on the chosen design. Make a figure that has the basic shapes of the pipe’s stem and bowl. With the use of a pencil, draft a circle at the wide portion of the wood. Draw a smaller circle inside the first circle. These circles are the guide for the hollow part of the bowl.

At the opposite end of the bowl, draft a narrow oval shape that outlines the pipe’s mouthpiece. Drill the holes. Make sure to follow the outlines. Follow the measurements of the design to make the wooden pipe more attractive. Finish the inside as well as the edges of the bowl with the use of the chisel. Remove excess portions of the wood. Finish the pipe’s surface with the use of the sandpaper. Finally, use a sealant and lacquer to polish the wooden pipe.