How to Change Your Streamyx Password

Streamyx is a high-speed broadband Internet brand. In Malaysia, the company that provides the service is Telkom Malaysia, more popularly known as TMNet. It is government-owned. It is also the only Internet service provider in the country that provides nationwide coverage.

Aside from Streamyx, TMNet also offers a number of other services such as:

  1. eToonz for music downloads
  2. TMNet commhosting for hosting communication structures
  3. TMNet webhosting for hosting websites
  4. TMNet e-voice for VoIP services.

A password is used for most of these services. The passwords make sure that the user’s personal information and access to services are restricted. Only people who have a valid user ID and password will have access to services.

You can change the password for Streamyx and the other TMNet services. To do this, visit the online account management page of the company for assistance. The page offers an online self care service that allows TMNet subscribers to manage the settings of their accounts.

Log in and key in your Streamyx username (without @streamyx) and your current password. Choose the TMNet streamyx service account. Under “Account Management,” hit the “Change Password” link.

Type your old password into the Change Password field. Enter your desired new password, and then hit “Submit”. This changes the password for all the services and applications included in your account.

If you wish to change the password for specific TMNet services, click on the box beside “Individually Change Password” for each service you want. Follow the directions on the succeeding pages.

You can also change the settings for password management. Go to “Reset Password Link” and click on the box for “Individually Change Password”. Check the “No Change to other password” option and uncheck the services that you want to alter. Click Submit to save the changes made.