How to Change Your Toshiba BIOS Password

BIOS means ‘Basic Input/Output System’. It is a program embedded into IBM computers. BIOS begins to run once the computer is turned on. It identifies and initializes the hardware components (such as the hard disk, floppy drive and video display card) of the computer. It prepares the machine so that the other programs can be loaded properly. Passwords can be enabled on the BIOS so that its usage is restricted once it is being loaded.

Toshiba computers use two kinds of BIOS so you have to determine what kind your computer has. Toshiba computers are under either the F1 or the F2 BIOS.

The F1 Key Method

Start your computer and wait for the POST screen display. The POST screen has a black background. It shows before the operating system loads. A prompt will appear as “Check System and press F1”. Press the Esc key several times to get to the setup display screen.

Inside the setup program of the BIOS, you can navigate using either the arrow or the tab key. You will see a Password field on this screen. Highlight the NOT REGISTERED field. Press the spacebar once and enter your new password. The computer will give you a “Password” prompt. Press Enter to get to the next page. When your Setup program requires you to repeat the new password, enter it again. Hit the spacebar once and you will see the Password field display REGISTERED. You can then exit the window.

The F2 Key Method

Other computers will not recognize the F1 key. In this case, press the F2 key to access the BIOS Setup menu. You will then see the Setup Utility.

Start the computer. The POST screen display will appear before the operating system loads. Press the F2 key multiple times until the BIOS setup appears. Look for the Security tab. This is where the password will be set. The arrow keys are used to select “Set User Password”. Press either F5 or F6 to move to the Password section. Type your new password into the “Password” prompt. Press the Enter key.

The Setup program will require the new password again. Once you’ve keyed it in, press Enter. The password field will indicate the new password that you have made. Press F10 to save and exit the BIOS set-up.

HWSetup Method

This program works in the Windows environment, which can be found in the Windows Control Panel. This tool can also be used to make new settings and to enable/disable the BIOS password.

Go to the BIOS Setup program and enter your preferred password into the password field. It will require you to enter your new password whenever you start, reset or restart your computer.

It will be necessary to try one of these three options to setup your Toshiba Computer BIOS password.