How to Choose Mag Wheels

A mag wheel is a type of motor vehicle wheel with a series of symmetrical spokes or holes. The name comes from its most common component – magnesium. Magnesium alloy wheels are often shiny and are more lightweight than other types of wheels.

To choose a set of mag wheels for your vehicle, the first consideration is the strength. Determine how often you use your car and how far you usually go while driving it.

The next factor to consider is the sizing and fitting. You need to know two aspects: width and offset. In terms of width, you should get a set of mag wheels that can properly fit the space provided by your car. Offset is the internal and external positioning of the wheel in relation to the bolt up surface. If you choose the wrong offset size, you will have problems in steering and handling your car.

You also need to determine what style will suit your car. Mag wheels have different styles and designs. Therefore, you should observe your car and think of the style that looks best with it.

Once you have found the right set of mag wheels, you need to learn how to clean and maintain it. Use grease cleaner to remove dirt from the surface of the wheels. You can use an old toothbrush for the hard-to-reach areas of the wheels. Remember to do straight strokes as you are applying the cleaner. Do not use cleaning pastes and polishes containing ammonia or anhydrous chemicals. These products will instantly make your wheels look fine but will eventually make them dull.