How to Clean Dryer Duct

Dryer ducts are the part of the clothes dryers used to filter dirt from clothes. Cleaning your dryer duct prevents fires and eliminates the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Before you clean a dryer duct, you should determine first if it is dirty.

The first indication is unusually hot clothes when you take them out of the dryer. The second is that the clothes take longer to dry than usual. You need to clean your dryer if you notice any or both of these signs.


Steps in Cleaning the Dryer Duct


  1. Locate the vent cover for the dryer. Remove the lint that has accumulated on the cover with your hands or a damp cloth.
  2. Disconnect the flexible duct from the dryer’s rear. Take a wet/dry vacuum, turn it on, and insert it into the duct as far as you can and turn it on. Afterwards, perform the same process to the other end of your duct. You also have to vacuum out the port found on the dryer’s rear.
  3. Locate the louvered vent outside the house. Remove the vent and insert the vacuum in the duct to get rid of dust and lint. Do these steps every one to two years.
  4. As a maintenance procedure, you should clean the lint trap after every load. Never let your dryer run while it is unattended to minimize dirt.
  5. If you are encountering problems cleaning your dryer duct and if you think you need help in cleaning it, contact a professional cleaner to do the task for you.