How to Clean a Fiberglass Tub

As technology advances we become exposed to more delicate house hold products one of which is the fiberglass tub. Fiberglass tubs have become more popular as they have been proven to stay warmer than porcelain and are less likely to chip or break. Anyone actually owns a Fiberglass tub will tell you that it must be handled with extreme care especially when cleaning. This is because there are many products out there that you damage your tub your fiberglass properly. So lets just spend a few minutes to explore just how to clean your tub properly.

Required Materials

  • Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Non-abrasive cleaner
  • Towel
  • Window Cleaner
  • Scrub Brush
  • Non-toxic mold and mildew remover


  1. Select the cloth you will be using to clean your tub. Lightly cover the tub with the non – abrasive cleaner.
  2. Remove build up and dirt by gently scrubbing the tub with a wet brush.
  3. Rinse the bath with water.
  4. Spray tub with disinfectant.
  5. Allow to stand for a few minutes.
  6. Clean with a damp cloth.
  7. Follow the same procedure to clean the glass section of the tub, spray on the cleaner allow to stand for a couple of minutes and wash thoroughly..
  8. Follow suit with the window cleaner.(On the glass section only)
  9. Use the squeegee to wipe away the excess water from the tub and glass.

Tips and Warnings

  • If there is mold and/or mildew use a non – toxic cleaner. Be sure to check the warnings on the back of the bottle to ensure that it is safe to use on fiberglass.
  • Try to use a non – abrasive applicator such as a sponge, cloth or even a brush made from nylon, polyester or polyethylene. Never use scouring powders, steel wool or other abrasive scouring pads or scrapers on your fiberglass.
  • Try to use liquid hand applied dishwashing soap or liquid laundry detergent. Another plus is an all purpose household cleaner or an all purpose bathroom cleaner.
  • Use mild to moderate alkali solutions or a diluted TSP substitute in warm water.
  • Ensure that you rinse the cleaned thoroughly to remove all cleaning residue.
  • You can make up a baking soda and water to clean the stubborn areas of your bathtub. Simply rinse and gently rub the paste onto this stubborn area with a sponge.