How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the popular choice among the many selections for exterior house coverings. Unlike wood siding that requires staining and weatherproofing, or brick that can be quite expensive, vinyl siding is cost effective and easy to maintain.

Cleaning vinyl siding is pretty much like washing a car. The only hard part about it is climbing on ladders and working around landscaping. Other than these, cleaning vinyl siding is a job that anyone could do.

Materials Needed

  • Ladder
  • Garden hose
  • Garden hose trigger sprayer
  • Hand-pump garden spray
  • Bucket
  • Dish soap or laundry detergent
  • Soft bristle brush

Cleaning Solutions

  • Dish soap or clothes detergent mixed in warm water is a good cleaning solution for removing hard-to-clean dirt, such as grass and oil stains.
  • Algae and mildew stains can be easily cleaned by combining a quart of bleach with three-fourths of a gallon of water. Then add some clothes detergent to the mixture.

How to Wash the Siding

  1. Rinse the vinyl siding with a regular garden hose equipped with a nozzle set to medium misting spray. Do not use a forceful stream of water to rinse it down as water could penetrate behind the vinyl siding.
  2. Rinse off the vinyl siding with the nozzle pointing down towards the ground. Vinyl siding is intended to shed water coming from above. Aiming the hose up the vinyl siding can cause large amounts to penetrate behind the siding.
  3. Once the siding has been rinsed with water, rinse the dirt off with dish soap or clothes detergent mixed in warm water. Pour the soapy water into a hand-pump garden sprayer. Spray the solution from bottom to top on one section of the siding.
  4. Make sure to work in the shade to keep the soapy water from drying before rinsing it off.
  5. Dip a soft bristle brush in the soapy water and use it to remove the dirt on the siding. Use side to side motions in doing this. Dip the brush into the bucket when it starts to dry. It should be dripping wet at all times.
  6. Start cleaning from the bottom and go up as far as you can reach. Always rinse the area you’ve cleaned before proceeding further up the wall. Make sure that all the dirt had been rinsed off all the way down as you go higher up the wall.
  7. Use an extension ladder for areas that you cannot reach.
  8. Leave the house to dry once you’ve washed off all the areas you need to clean.