How to Clean Your DVD Player

Cleaning your DVD player regularly can make it last longer. Dust and dirt can enter the appliance over time and it is necessary to make sure these get removed so that it can work properly. There are several cleaning kits made specifically for DVD players available in the market.


Steps in Cleaning Your DVD Player


  1. Unplug your DVD player. Take it to a cleaning area that has enough space. Make sure the area is well-lit.
  2. Check the outside of the player. See if there is dust build-up at any of the parts. Inspect the cooling fans and make sure to remove any obstructions there.
  3. When removing dust and dirt, make sure not to get dust on the DVD player lens. Try opening the player so you can remove the dust easier.
  4. Play the cleaning disk. Cleaning kits often include a disc with a little brush attached to it. This is designed to clean the interior of the player. There are even solutions included in the kit which are meant to be sprayed on the cleaning disc.
  5. Sometimes, there are tips in the disc that you can listen to while the player is being cleaned. If the cleaning disc fails or encounters an error, you can open the DVD to clean the lens manually.
  6. Remove the outer casing of the player. Remove the screws and keep them together so you won’t lose them.
  7. If you can see the interior, remove the dust around the vents using your hand and a little rug or an old make-up brush. You can also use a little blower to move the dust away. Make sure the dust is blown away from the lens.
  8. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and wipe it lightly against the lens. Do not touch the swab against the circuits or boards.
  9. Repeat the process with a different swab on the guiding rails of the lens and the belts around it.
  10. Let the interior dry.
  11. Use a fresh swab to apply 3-in-1 oil to the guiding rails. This helps the player work smoother and quieter.
  12. You can repeat the process to the gears connected to the belts.
  13. Make sure you don’t get oil on the lens or circuit boards.
  14. After manual cleaning, put the player back together and try to play the cleaning disk again.