How to Clean DVD’s

If your DVD disc cannot be read by your player, you may need to clean the disc. There are several ways to clean a DVD.

Steps to Clean a DVD

  1. If you notice dust particles stuck on the disc’s surface, wipe then off using a soft, dry piece of cloth. To hold the disc properly, insert one finger into the hole of the DVD and handle the disc’s edges with your other fingers. Never touch the shiny part of the DVD.
  2. If a certain substance was spilled onto the DVD making it sticky or greasy, create a mixture of lukewarm water and baby shampoo. Dip a piece of soft cloth or cotton in the mixture and wipe the DVD with it. The cotton or cloth should only be moderately wet. Make sure that the DVD is completely dry before placing it in its hard case.
  3. If someone had accidentally touched the shiny part of the DVD, it may have fingerprints. Remove these marks by dipping a soft cloth in ethanol or methanol and wiping the DVD with the cloth. Do not use Acetone or other solvents containing petroleum as these products will damage the disc.
  4. If you wish to clean your DVD but you do not have any of the said products, you can use mineral water to clean the disc. Dip a soft cloth in mineral water and wipe the dirty parts of the disc. Do not use normal tap water as it has high salt concentrations. This can leave marks on the DVD.