How to Clean Plasma Screens

Plasma screens (also known as plasma display panels) are often used in flat screen TVs. Tiny cells hold the noble gases neon and xenon between two glass panels. When the TV is turned on, the gas turns into plasma which produces phosphors that release light. The screen needs to be regularly maintained so that it can be clear at all times.

Before cleaning the plasma TV, check the manual the TV came with. Particular brands and models of TVs may have specific instructions for cleaning. The manual may also contain specific things that should be avoided when cleaning the TV. It can also recommend specific brands and materials to use when cleaning. Manuals can also instruct you how often you should clean the TV.

Always use soft cloth when wiping the screen. The recommended material is pure cotton. Cloth made of the finest quality micro-fibers is best. Paper towels or toilet paper could scratch the screen.

There are commercially available special kits for cleaning plasma TVs. When using these, make sure to read the labels before using them. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners as these can damage the anti-reflective coating on the screen. Micro fiber cloths and cleaning solutions are often included in these cleaning kits. These can often be found in hardware and equipment stores.

Make sure to wipe the dust off the area around the plasma screen with the cotton or micro fiber cloth. Don’t forget to wipe the operating buttons once in a while so  they don’t accumulate dust. You can use a moist cloth for wiping then use a second dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

Fingerprints and dirt are easily visible in the glossy screen. Use the soft cloth and special cleaner to wipe the plasma screen.

Clean the vents of the plasma TV. It is the part of the TV that allows heat to dissipate. Any dirt clogging should be removed so that the TV does not overheat. Use the vacuum cleaner’s lowest setting with its hose attachment to clean the vent.