How to Clean Upholstery

Upholstery is the method of providing furniture with springs, padding, webbing, and covers made of fabric or leather. This can be used on furniture or in vehicles.

The materials needed for cleaning upholstery are:

  • plastic scrapers;
  • plastic bucket;
  • power brush vacuum attachments;
  • hand-held dusting brush;
  • electric fan;
  • detergent and water; and
  • cleaning cloth.

After gathering these materials and tools, remove the loose cushions of the furniture. Loosen the dirt in the upholstery with a hand-held brush. Remove the dust using a vacuum brush attachment. Carefully vacuum all surfaces of the furniture’s arms, sides, skirt, back, and platform. Next, vacuum all the sides of the loose cushions.

After vacuuming, replace the cushions. Use an electric mixer to blend together ¼ cup liquid dish detergent or laundry detergent and one cup of water. Do this until its suds are like whipped cream.

Test the upholstery for fading by dipping a clean piece of cloth into the mixture you made. Mildly rub the cloth against the back side of the upholstered furniture. If the specific portion of the furniture faded, shrank, or discolored after drying, ask for professional help in cleaning your upholstery. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next step.

Select a specific area of the upholstery. Dip the cloth into the cleaning mixture and rub the cloth on this area. Dirt will eventually appear in the suds. Use a scraper to remove the dirt.

Wipe a damp cloth to rinse the part of the furniture you have just cleaned. Perform the same procedures on the other parts of the upholstery. Let the upholstery dry for one day. Use an electric fan for this process to hasten the drying.