How to Convert Aac to Mp3

AAC is a container format that uses lossy compression for the storage of audio information. It is considered an upgrade to the MP3 format because of its ability to produce noticeably better sound quality at the same bit rates. AAC is commonly used in the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Sony Playstation 3, Nitentdon Wii, Nintendo Dsi and a few other external devices. The AAC format is expected to replace the MP3 format in coming years. Yet, the MP3 format is still widely used in most players, even those that have AAC playing capabilities. For this reason MP3 is still the prefered choice for many individuals. To convert AAC to MP3 requires specialized software. The level of difficulty will depend on the type of AAC file being converted, that is, if it is DRM protected or a normal AAC file. Protected files will require software that has the capacity to remove the DRM protective code. Unfortunately, most standard programs will not be able to do this. For this demonstration Clone2Go will be used. It will be able to convert unprotected AAC files to MP3s very easily.

Required Tools

Working Computer
Microsoft Windows O/S
Clone2Go Free Audio Converter

Required Materials

AAC File(s)


1. Download Clone2Go Free Audio Converter from the website. Install the program on your hard drive using the set-up instructions that come with the converter. Once installed launch the program.
2. On the user interface locate the Add Media Files button and then click it to open the AAC files. You may also go to File and then select Add files from there. Browse the file system to locate the files that you would like to convert. To make your search a lot easier, place all the files you will use in the same, easily accessed folder.
3. Select the Output format by going to the Profile option. Here you will find a drop down menu with all available formats. Choose the MP3-MPEG Layer 3 Audio option.
4. Finally, begin converting the files by selecting the Start Encode button. The conversion should not take too long. However if you have opened more than one file for conversion then the time taken will vary considerably.

Tips and Warnings

• After the files have been converted test them with an external device to ensure compatibility and also to identify any possible flaws, however unlikely.

• Do not turn off the computer during the conversion process as this may lead to potential errors.

• If you are using a slow computer, do not run several other programs while performing this conversion.

• If your AAC files are DRM protected you will need to fist get another program that can remove this restriction. There are a few online, however, be advised that this is not strictly a legal process.

• Save all AAC files to be used in a folder that is not a part of several other sub-folders. This means the folder should be easily found without having to go through a number of directories. It is always best to put all music files in a folder simply labelled Music to avoid having to perform a prolonged search.