How to Convert Avi to Cd

If you would like to burn your avi file to CD you will need to first convert it to a compatible Video CD or VCD format. This can be achieved by using a specialized converter that is capable of converting between several different formats. Once converted the VCD file can then be burned to an ordinary CD using a suitable program. There are many converters available online. For this instructional Cucusoft Converter and Nero 5.5+ will be used to demonstrate the process.

Required Tools

Working Computer
Microsoft O/S
CD Burner

Required Materials

Cucusoft Converter
Nero 5.5+


Converting AVI to VCD

1. Download Cucusoft Converter from the website. Unpack and install it, following the set of instructions given.
2. Open the program, you should see the interface clearly.
3. Choose the type of conversion you would like to perform by selecting the AVI to VCD button.
4. To open your AVI file, select the Open AVI file option. Here you will be able to browse your file collection and choose the video you would like to convert.
5. You may then set your preferences. This may remain fixed as the default settings are sufficient to create an acceptable VCD.
6. To begin the conversion click on the Start to Convert button, which will open a dialog that will show you the overall progress.
7. Once competed the dialog will close indicating that the VCD has been created.

Burning VCD information to CD

To burn the VCD to CD you will need to use an appropriate software. For this example Nero 5.5+ will be used to illustrate the process.

1. Download Nero 5.5+ from the website. Install the program using the set-up instructions and then open it.
2. On opening Nero 5.5+ the Wizard dialog will appear. Select “Close Wizard”. It is better to create the VCD – CD manually.
3. Select the CD option and then click on the Video CD icon.
4. Choose the format that corresponds with your VCD. You have the option of choosing PAL or NTSC. The choice will depend on the actual format of your VCD.
5. Click on the New button to create a new project.
6. Locate your VCD file using the directory list at the left hand-side of the interface. Once you have located the folder you will see its contents clearly displayed in the centre. Drag and drop these files in the designated field at the bottom of your interface. You may rename the movie anything you would like by clicking on the VCD file and entering a new name.
7. Go to File and then select Write CD. Alternatively you may select the “Open the write cd dialog”.
8. Once in the Write CD dialog you may then customize the settings. You may choose a slower setting for the burning process and you may also choose to finalize the CD by selecting the Disc at Once option.
9. The burner will indicate how long the process will take. Remove the CD when done and test it in a standalone player.

Tips and Warnings

• Do not turn off the computer at any point during the burning or conversion process. This is especially important when burning the CD. If the process is disrupted during this time the CD will not be playable in an external standalone device.