How to Convert Avi to Dvd

If you have a standard DVD player and need to convert AVI files (a format used mostly on computers) to a DVD playable format then you will have to use specialized software to perform the conversion. There are several to choose from, some are freeware, others you will have to purchase. These programs will create a video file that will actually be larger than your standard avi file. As a result, you will need to have at least 4 GB of free hard drive space to complete one conversion. On average AVI files will hold up to 900 GB per full length movie. Once this movie is converted to DVD format it will be as large as 4.2 GB. The program that you will use should be able to convert and author the AVI file. For this example DVD creator will be used. It is capable of converting AVI, MPEG and WMV to DVD format.

Required Materials and Tools

An AVI File
DVD Creator


1. Retrieve your AVI files by clicking the add button or you may drag and drop the files you want into the required field of the interface. You may preview the video to ensure it is the correct file and to avoid converting a faulty AVI. Additionally, you may take snapshots of different segments to use later in authoring the DVD. You may also change the position of the videos if you are using multiple AVIs by selecting move up or move down.
2. Choose a DVD template to be used on your new DVD. Click on the “Menu” button to customize the music that will be used on your video.
3. You can then make changes to the Menu by replacing the background picture with something to suit your personal taste. Additionally you may choose any template that you like. There are templates that feature sports, holidays, occasions and events. The newer version will also feature more templates.
4. To edit the actual AVI select the Customization option. This will allow you to crop, add effects put on a logo and add text to your video. Once you have put on the entire required customizations click OK to return to the main interface.
5. To begin the actual conversion process you can either burn the new format to a DVD instantly or create a DVD ISO image that you may later use. You should click the start button which brings up either of the two options mentioned. You may change the Volume Label so that your file will be clearly marked for better overall organization.
6. Once you have made your choice click OK. The program will start creating your DVD/DVD ISO image. This may take a great deal of time depending on the size of your AVI(s).
7. After it has completed the process you may check to see that the ISO image has been created or the DVD has been burned to CD.

Tips and Warning

Allow the program to burn your DVD without any interruptions. This means you should not run too many other programs especially if you are using a slow computer.