How to Convert Avi to Mpeg

MP4 is becoming a popular format that is used in a number of players including the iPod, Microsoft Zune and many others. The format has the advantage of being able to compress a standard size 1 hour and 30 minute movie into no more than 700 mb or less. This means unlike using a DVD format which necessarily requires at least 4 GB for each full length movie an MP4 will allow you to store that same movie for less than a ¼ of the space. This advantage makes MP4 a useful format in most players. It is considerably high quality without the need for several GB of space per video. AVI also has the advantage of using little space with fair video quality. However it is less compatible with most portable players. Converting from AVI to MP4 is a straightforward process once you have the appropriate software. For this demonstration YASA MP4 Converter will be used.

Required Tools

Working Computer
Microsoft O/S

Required Materials

AVI file

1. Download YASA MP4 converter form the website. After you have downloaded the file open it and install it on your computer. It will not take up much space on your hard drive and will install in a matter of minutes.
2. Open the program. Once on the user interface click on the Add Video Files option to open the AVI you would like to convert. Browse the directory that appears and search for the file. To make this easier label the file clearly before opening the program. Also store it in a location that is easily accessed, that is, one that does not necessitate searching several sub folders. Once you find the file load it into the interface by clicking on Open.
3. Select the output profile these are all predetermined by the program making it very easy to make your choice. Choose the profile you would like to use from the drop down menu.
4. Select a location for the newly converted MP4 file. You may also change the file name, however this is not necessary as the extension will be different making it easy to detect the new MP4 file. Once you have made these changes click on OK to confirm them.
5. You may go ahead and convert your video if you do not wish to tamper with the settings that are currently used on the program. Click “Quick Convert” to start the process instantly. The default settings are fine and will produce a satisfactory MP4. If however you would like to make changes then do so, but do so carefully. A progress bar will show you the Duration and Status of conversion. Once done test your MP4 in an external player.

Tips and Warnings

Do not turn off the computer during the conversion process.

The time taken to convert the file will vary depending on the length of the video and the speed of your processor. If you computer is very slowly it is advisable that you close down any other programs currently in use while the conversion is taking place.

Always test the newly converted file to ensure quality and compatibility with other external players.