How to Convert Dvd to Avi

Converting DVD to AVI is actually done using a process that rips the information from the DVD file to a more condensed format that is playable on most computer based players. A standard DVD file will be as large as 4.2 GB, therefore in most instances a converter will rip the video to an AVI file which will require no more than 800 MB of storage space. Despite the AVIs noticeably smaller size the video quality will still be maintained. For this tutorial DVDx will be used to demonstrate the process.

Required Tools

Working Computer
Microsoft O/S
DVDx Software
DVD Drive

Required Materials



1. Go to the website and download DVDx. Open the file and install the software on your computer.
2. Launch the program. The user interface should be visible instantly.
3. Insert your DVD file into the computer’s DVD drive.
4. Go to the folder selection box and select VTS_01_0.IFO to load the movie contained on the DVD as the source file to be ripped. The input settings dialog will open instantly once the moive is loaded.
5. If there are multiple movies on the DVD select the one you would like to use from the drop down menu.
6. From the input settings dialog you will also need to choose the appropriate audio that matches the movie being ripped.
7. Choose the ouput settings for your movie. You will have the option to determine the screen size, audio quality and the format for your movie. To convert to AVI you will need to choose the option to rip the DVD to AVI not MPG. Additionally you may choose the audio compression method you would like to use. You may select LAME or MPG for audio compression. LAME is preferable because it produces high quality audio. You may use one of the three availabe codecs DivX, MPEG4 or XviD. Choose the aspect ratio, that is, the output viewing format. 16:9 will produce a wide-screen format. 4:3 will produce a full-screen version of the movie. You may tamper with the settings until you are satisfied.
8. Select an output folder from the Destination option. Browse the files on your computer once you have found a suitable location name the file and click Save followed by OK.
9. Click on the red record button to start the process.

Tips and Warnings

• The process may take some time to complete. Factors that will affect the overall time taken to rip include the length of the movie and the speed of your CPU.
• Play your file once you have ripped it to ensure that there are no flaws present on the AVI. You may notice minor flaws where the sound does not synch completely with the video, however this can be ignored if it does not occur throughout the entire run time of the movie.
• If you would like to rip a full length movie without having to split the file, change the Output setting so that the maximum file size is set to infinite.