How to Convert Flac to Mp3

FLAC is an audio codec that stores information using lossless technology. This means that the sound quality is not lost during conversion from another file format to FLAC. MP3 format while not as impressive in terms of audio quality is compatible with most players. The difference in sound is not something that is easily detected, therefore, converting from FLAC to MP3 will not have any real impact on the overall listening experience. To convert from FLAC to MP3 you will need software created specifically to do this. Most programs will be able to perform several different types of conversions. For this example AudioConverter Studio will be used.

Required Tools and Materials

FLAC files
Audio Converter Studio


1.Go to the website that offers the software. Download Audio Converter Studio setup package and store in a location that is easily accessed. Once you have downloaded it, install it based on the instructions given.
2.Launch the program. Instantly the Wizard will open and show you a number of options. Select “Convert single file or group of files from one format into other”, which may already be highlighted. Once selected, click Next. If you do not see the Wizard automatically pop up press Ctrl W to open it or choose it from the File menu option.
3.Choose the FLAC files you would like to convert to MP3. Do this by entering the Open dialog which should be visible after you have clicked Next. Browse the selection and choose files using the arrow keys or the mouse.
4.Once your list of files is chosen, select Next.
5.You will now need to select an appropriate filename and a folder in which to place the newly created MP3 files. You may use meta data to automatically retrieve the names of files that are not currently named on your list. It will find this information and label each file accordingly with artiste name, song title and album name. If your files are named correctly simply click next.
6.You can then determine the quality of the resultant MP3 files. If you would like files that are compact then you will need to choose a smaller bit rate. It is highly recommended that you do not go below 128 Kbit/s as this will produce poor sound quality. On average 128 Kbit/s may be used comfortably. If you are not willing to compromise the overall sound quality then use 320Kbit/s which will give you the best sounding MP3 possible, however the file will be considerably larger.
7.Select Next and then check all your settings to ensure everything is in order. Select finish to start converting your files. The time taken will vary depending on the number of files selected and the overall speed of your CPU. You do not need to do anything else once you have selected finish, simply wait until the process is complete to see the end results.

Tips and Warnings

Check the files once they have finally been converted. Ensure that they are playable in a standalone player.

Do not turn off the computer while the program is still converting files. This will result in incomplete or faulty conversions.