How to Convert Flac to Wav

If you have FLAC files on your hard drive but find that you are not able to use them in many external players, a good solution to this problem is to convert them to a more compatible format like WAV. WAV is an uncompressed format that maintains audio quality with the slight disadvantage that WAV files will be bigger than many other available container formats including MP3 and MP4. However, WAV is playable in most types of players including some CD players, which may not have MP3 playback capabilities. Despite the size issues the sound quality is second to none making it a reliable format. FLAC has the advantage of being a compressed file type that does not compromise audio quality much. FLAC files are great for streaming music because of their fair audio quality and relatively smaller sizes. But after downloading these files it is always best to convert them to a format that will be useful in any type of player. To perform the conversion from FLAC to WAV you will need an audio converter. These programs are numerous and can be downloaded online. For this demonstration Switch Audio Converter will be used. This program is capable of converting between many different types of formats and works on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

Required Tools

Windows/MAC Operating System
Working Computer
Switch Audio Converter

Required Materials

Flac Files


1. Go to the website and download Switch Audio Converter. Once downloaded open and follow the instructions for installation. These will be clear and easy to follow. The program will not take up much space on your hard drive, therefore, you do not need to make any special provisions before installation.
2. Open the program once installation has been completed. Go to the Add Files option located at the top section of the interface. Browse the content and find your FlAC files. Once you have found them highlight the ones you would like to use and then select the Open option to load the files into the designated window.
3. At the Output option select WAV. After doing this set the file path destination. You will have the option to choose any folder on your computer to store your newly created WAV files. It is best to choose a folder that you will be able to find easily after conversion.
4. You may modify the bitrate and sound quality by going to Encoder Options. Once you have made satisfactory adjustments you may then click on the OK button to allow the changes to take effect. You do not necessarily need to make these modifications if you are okay with the default settings.
5. To start the process simply click Convert and wait for the files to be converted to WAV. To view the newly created WAV files select the Open Output Folder.

Tips and Warnings

• Allow the files to be converted uninterrupted. This means you should not turn off your computer until the process is finished.

• The time taken for conversion will depend on the overall size of the files and the processing power of your computer.