How to Convert Pdf to Text

PDF is short for Portable Document Format which is a file format developed by Adobe; PDF files are available online for download as electronic copies of printed material. The PDF standard was originally proprietary, meaning that it was only available exclusively through products from Adobe but as of 2008 the standard has been made open allowing other companies to be able to create PDF files using different software as long as the output conforms to the original standards set by Adobe. Since the standard has been made open the popularity of PDF files has increased and companies like Foxit have emerged; Foxit has created their own PDF solutions with alternative readers and creation software that boast improved speed versus the original Adobe software which is called Acrobat Reader.

Most solutions available for creating PDF files from any application that supports printing are paid solutions such as Foxit and Adobe but there are free PDF creation solutions available, and jus the same there are also paid and free solutions for converting from PDF to text; so why convert from PDF to text? There may be information in a PDF that needs to be revised or changed before being distributed or re-distributed and the owner may not have the original text used to create the PDF available. For this among other reasons conversion from PDF to text may be necessary.


• PC or Laptop
• PDF document
• Word processing software
• Internet Connection


1. Locate and open the PDF that you wish to convert to text.
2. Create a folder to be used as an output for your converted file.
3. If you do not already have your conversion software installed go online and download then install the software.
4. Run your conversion software then drag and drop the desired PDF into the application. If drag and drop is not supported use the interface to open and load the PDF file.
5. Select the conversion output option from the listing available or set the output option after instructing the program that you would like to save the PDF as an alternate file type.
6. Specify the location of the text output file ensuring it is a location that you can easily find or use the path specified previously.
7. Once completed you may open your text file for editing.


Do not attempt to convert a PDF to text if the PDF has no selectable text in it; some PDF files are created without the option of selecting text and are unable to be converted to text without a lot of difficulty.
Do not attempt to convert a PDF that is protected unless you have the password; there may be workarounds available for protected documents but doing so may violate copyright laws.
There are free and paid solutions available for PDF conversion, and paid solutions may offer a free unrestricted or restricted trial period; check the available products and then decide on whether you would like to purchase a product or use a free solution.