How to Convert Itunes to Mp3

iTunes is an Apple application that is used for playing, organizing and managing music and video files on various Apple products including the iPod, iPhone and iPad; iTunes was first introduced in 2001 and can be used with both Mac and Windows operating systems. iTunes can also act as an interface for the iTunes internet store where users can purchase and download a wide variety of music, video, TV shows, eBooks, applications, games, and a lot more for Apple devices.

MP3 is the most popular standard worldwide when it comes to audio files; MP3 was created to be the audio standard to accompany the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video standards; MP3 has the advantage of being much smaller than a lot of other audio formats but sacrifices sound quality, as such MP3 is called a lossy audio format but the loss in quality is not typically picked up by the human ear.

iTunes in general only works with Apple devices and as a result it will be necessary to convert iTunes files to another format if they are to be played by a non-Apple device; since MP3 is so popular it is probably the best format to convert audio files to, here are the steps for converting iTunes to MP3s.


• PC or laptop
• Conversion software


1. Start the iTunes software
2. Go to Edit then Preferences then Advanced to see the location of the library files
3. Using the information given in iTunes navigate to the library folder
4. Go online and download a conversion application. If there are not many audio files in the iTunes library then a free solution like Format Factory or Media Coder will suffice. If the iTunes library contains many sub-folders with various audio files then a paid solution like NCH Switch Audio Converter would be suggested as it can convert files by dragging the containing folder into the application and also has the option to recreate the folder structure on output.
5. Install the chosen application after downloading and run it
6. Set the output format to MP3. If using Switch set the output folder and click the checkbox for the option “Copy folder structure of source files” which is located at the bottom of the interface
7. Drag the audio files or folders if supported by the application into the interface and hit the button to start the conversion
8. On completion open the output folder manually or from within the program if supported
9. All the converted MP3 files will be listed in the output folder and can now be used however intended.


The library in iTunes can have various audio formatted files including MP3. If the files are already in MP3 format simply copy them to another folder or directly to whichever device it is desired to be on.
Files which are Digital Rights Management or DRM protected cannot be converted with the applications listed and will need a special program such as Sound Taxi that is designed for DRM removal to convert the files to MP3.