How to Convert Itunes to Windows Media Player

iTunes is a digital music and video application that was created by Apple and is used on Apple devices including the iPod, iPhone and iPad; iTunes is used for playing, organizing and managing the multimedia files of Apple devices; it also allows users to connect to the iTunes store to purchase and download multimedia files, applications, ringtones, and much more.
Windows Media Player (WMP) is basically Microsoft’s equivalent of iTunes and is the default media application for Microsoft devices for managing multimedia files; WMP also has the ability to rip and burn music.
Apple and Microsoft are two totally different systems and applications intended for one usually cannot work with the other, but there are ways to convert one to the other with the right software if one desires to do so.


• PC or laptop
• Internet connection
• Conversion software


1. Locate the files in iTunes library that are to be converted to Windows Media Player
2. Sort the files in order of format
3. For MP3 files in the library simply copy these files to another location or import them into Windows Media Player’s library. If it is required to convert these files to the WMA format before importing into Windows Media Player’s library then follow the steps outlined below
4. For M4A and AAC files that are not protected or converting MP3 files to WMA download and install a conversion program. Popular choices include Format Factory and Media Coder as free solutions with NCH Switch Audio Converter and dBPowerAmp as paid solutions
5. Copy all necessary the files to a newly created folder on the desktop or in another easily accessible area on the computer
6. Start the installed conversion application and specify the output format desired
7. Drag and drop the files from the newly created folder into the conversion application and hit the button to start the conversion
8. On completion open the output folder manually or from within the conversion application if supported
9. The converted files can now be copied to a new location or left in the output folder if desired and the imported into Windows Media Player’s library


Do not attempt conversion if the files in the iTunes library are already in a format that can be ready by Windows Media Player. iTunes can read audio in various formats including MP3, AAC and M4A so check this before attempting conversion.
If the converted files are intended to be moved permanently from iTunes to Windows Media Player, do not delete the original files until completely satisfied with the converted files.
Some files that were purchased in iTunes may be protected and will not be converted using regular applications. Specialized programs such as Sound Taxi will allow removal of protection known as DRM or Digital Rights Management from audio files. These programs are usually not free and use a lengthy process which may involve playback of the audio files and recording of what is heard.