How to Convert Jpg to Text

JPG and Text files are totally different formats that serve totally different purposes, as one is a picture format and one is a text format; usually persons that need JPG files in a text document would simply copy the photo and paste it into the document, however there are instances where it becomes necessary to convert the JPG to text format rather than copying and pasting. This might be necessary because there is text in the photo that the person needs to access, the conversion process can be quite complex if not impossible depending on the JPG but here are the steps one should take to attempt the conversion.


• PC or laptop
• PDF creation software
• PDF OCR software
• Internet connection


1. Locate the JPG file or files that need to be converted to text
2. If there are multiple JPG files to be converted create a new folder on the desktop or in another easily accessible area
3. Copy the files to the newly created folder
4. Search for and download a PDF creation software application
5. Install the application and run it
6. If the application supports creation of PDF files by dragging and dropping a source then do so with the JPG file or files
7. If dragging and dropping into the interface is not supported then open each file individually and print to the newly installed virtual PDF printer
8. Once the PDF files are created verify that they are ok by opening them
9. Once verified delete the files from the newly created folder and copy the PDF files to the now empty folder
10. Search online again for PDF OCR – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Free and paid solutions are available, including online solutions where the PDF can be uploaded and then processed online
11. Download and install the chosen program
12. Run the program and open the created PDF file or files and hit the option to perform OCR on the document
13. Prior to completion and depending on the software being used the user may be prompted to input text for poorly recognized characters. This is usually done with a split screen showing the original section of the document and the editable section below or to the side
14. Once completed the user may save the output to a text file or manually select the text and then copy it to paste into any text document


Don’t pay for a solution before exploring the freely available tools.
Some programs exist that can go directly from JPG to text such as TopOCR and FreeOCR but the capabilities may not be as advanced as those of paid software.
If the user would like to test a paid solution then a trial version may be available that has a time limited full feature trail or a feature and time limited trial. Ensure that this is done prior to purchase to ensure that the features suit the user’s needs