How to Convert Jpg to Word

JPG is a popular picture compression method in use today; JPG is short for JPEG which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is the group responsible for creating the JPEG format. A lot of digital cameras, capture devices and websites use JPG as the format for compressing their pictures and persons who put together Power Point presentations or Word documents will often cut and paste these JPG photos into their documents.
However there are times when cutting and pasting is not adequate and it becomes necessary to convert the JPG format itself to the Word format, for instance the picture might be of a page taken from a book and the words are needed rather than the picture; in this case the JPG photo would need to be converted to a text format that can be edited if necessary. The conversion process can be lengthy and complex, and is not always accurate as some of the words might not convert, or they might be misspelled when converted; however if the words are plain enough or if one wants to run a test to see if the conversion will go through even if the image is complex, here are the steps that will be required.


• PC or laptop
• Internet connection
• Conversion software


1. Locate the JPG file or files that need to be converted to Word
2. If there are multiple files create a new folder on the desktop or in another easily accessible area on the PC and copy the files to this folder
3. Go online and search for JPG OCR, JPG to Word or JPG to Text software. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition
4. From the listings select either a free or paid solution to do the task
5. Download and install the chosen program
6. Run the program and open the JPG file or files individually for conversion
7. Hit the option to convert the file or begin the OCR process
8. Once completed select the text and copy using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C, using the menu to locate an option to select and copy the text or by using the right-click menu with the mouse
9. Open Microsoft Word from the Start menu
10. Paste the selected text into the new document window. If the program supports exporting to Word and this option was selected then open the output document from the File menu within Microsoft Word
11. Verify the contents of the file and make adjustments as necessary


• If the user is planning on getting a paid solution do not purchase the first option that appears in the browser search. Test the program first using a trial version or search for customer reviews on third party websites for unbiased opinions.
• If using applications to convert directly from JPG to Word are not working adequately then consider converting to PDF first as PDF OCR software may be more accurate than JPG to Text or Word.